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Tank Bred Fish

Molly Miller Blenny


One of our favorite fish, the Molly Miller (Scartella cristata)  is the best small aquarium steward we know!  They eat algae, aiptasia, detritus, and even rumored to eat cyano - who could ask for more in a clean up crew?

"Prettier" Blennies


Is your tank already clean, and you just need an attractive tank bred fish?  We often stock fish such as the Harptail Blenny  (Meiacanthus mossambicus) pictured here!



In the right tank, a dottyback can be a welcome addition!  Our favorite species is a mix of two - the Indigo is bred from pseudochromis fridmani and sankeyii.  

Other Tank Bred Fish


We try to keep a variety of tank bred fish in the shop, we have had fish such as Marine Bettas, Yellow Clown Gobies, and assorted blennies like the Blackline Blenny pictured here.  

Send in the Clowns


Pictured here is a commonly stocked ocellaris clownfish - regularly priced at $15 in the shop.  There are a variety of natural clownfish we stock that go for a very reasonable price, but these "Nemos" are the most popular!

Designer Clowns


Want a little extra sparkle to your clownfish?  We can help!  We always have several pairs of designers in stock, unless we are due for an order - in which case you would have the opportunity to special order whatever you like at an unbeatable price!

Mobile Inverts


Aquacultured Tiger Tail Sea Cucumbers

These awesome sand vacuums (Holothuria sp.) must be ordered in advance of pick up; we breed them in the greenhouse!  They don't really "breed", however, they merely "split", twisting their bodies around and around, tighter and tigher until...POP!  Then they are two!  These babies have been hard at work keeping The Reef Farm sand clean for over a decade!