One look at the twelve Radions we have in the shop will tell you we love these lights!  We can special order any EcoTech or AI product, don't be shy to contact us for pricing!


These test kits were a game changer for us!  We love them so much, we had to become a distributer to share them with you at the same price!


This food took the hobby into a feeding frenzy; we are proud to be the first store ever to distribute samples of this! 


We know what you want!  Reliable, effective equipment, additives and filter media - at an unbeatable price!  As a BRS distributer, we stock our favorite products such as HC GFO (twice the dosing power as regular, but NOT twice the price!) and Rox 0.8 Carbon, and can special order any product with free shipping to the store!


Some brands are timeless...such as Julian Sprung's brand, Two Little Fishies.  Revive Coral Dip has become an industry staple, and what newbie can't get behind the simplicity of C- Balance?  


When do you post a product picture instead of a logo?  When it is Poly-Filter!  Poly-Bio is a little known name in the reef hobby, unless you know of the magical wonder of this product!


Special Orders and Current Stock

We have listed just a few of our favorites in detail, and commonly stocked items; please contact us to ask specific pricing for special orders, or to inquire if we have a product in stock!

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