Next Event

TRF Cookout

 Come join us for our annual cookout and swap! We have 13 registered vendors, so this will be one not to miss! We have water fun set up for the kiddies, so don't forget to pack them up wearing swimsuits and bring their water shoes and towels!  

About Us

Down on the Farm

Our name describes us well - we really are a farm!  Our outdoor greenhouse is home to hundreds of varieties of corals that we aquaculture; all corals sold are 100% captive grown. We are a coral manufacturer that supplies the industry with hardy, pest free corals - grown in natural sunlight and acclimated to indoor lighting.

Retail Shop

We acclimate our corals under Radion lighting inside our retail shop; the greenhouse is open for visitation on event days only. Our display room houses many corals and fish for sale, along with a small selection of products. We ONLY sell aquaculture and maricultured corals - and our fish are all tank bred, tank raised, or captive conditioned.  We believe in keeping this awesome hobby as sustainable as possible!   The retail shop is open three days a week currently, we hope you find a convenient time to visit!


If you are a retail shop or wholesale facility, we are happy to send you a list - please Contact Us and let us know of your interest in distributing healthy, hardy, and sustainable corals and anemones!