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Down on the Farm

Our name describes us well - we really are a farm!  Our outdoor greenhouse is home to hundreds of varieties of corals that we aquaculture; all corals sold are 100% captive grown. We are a coral manufacturer that supplies the industry with hardy, pest free corals - grown in natural sunlight and acclimated to indoor lighting.

Retail Shop

We acclimate our corals under Radion lighting inside our retail shop; the farm is open for visitation on event days only. Our display room houses many corals and fish for sale, along with a small selection of products. We ONLY sell aquaculture and maricultured corals - and our fish are all tank bred, tank raised, or captive conditioned.  We believe in keeping this awesome hobby as sustainable as possible!   


If you are a retail shop or wholesale facility, we are happy to send you a list of our corals - please Contact Us at the link at the top of the page and let us know!